The Nonprofit Insurance Trust is always willing to discuss potential membership with 501c3 nonprofit organizations to join our program.  Chances are favorable that an organization within your industry is a member of this program already.  We make the application process as simple as possible, where we do most of the underwriting work on your behalf so you are not overwhelmed with long applications and confusing questions to answer.
Once an introductory appointment has been completed and underwriting requirements have been satisfied, all new members are approved by the NIT Board of Directors with the assistance of our third party administrator NPIA, Inc.  We believe your time should be better spent ensuring the success of your clients & stakeholders.  The Board of Directors are representatives of member’s in the program and we understand the complexities of insurance. 
Please reach out directly to our TPA representative, Wayne Freundschuh at [email protected]  or (952) 469-5963 x102, to set up an introductory and learning appointment.  If you’re already onboard, please complete the brief applications below and we will be in contact with you.​​


Workers' Compensation Application​​

Please call 952.467.8579 for assistance in completing the application

Property & Liability Application

Please call 952.467.8579 for assistance in completing the application